Information Technology Innovation Center (ITIC)

The Information Technology Innovation Center (ITIC) is designed to bring the University's rich teaching and learning resources and technology resources together in one place for student convenience. It is a platform for the students of King Saud University under Preparatory Year program to understand, explore and develop latest technologies in IT with the help of Expert Faculty, Tools and Infrastructure. Its main goal is to provide students a practical way of learning technologies which they encounter every day, and also in their academic curriculum. The Center not only helps the students to thoroughly understand the concepts but also prepares them to excel in their academics as well as provides extensive liberty for the implementation of the Self- learning project. .

The center can assist all students with coursework across the curriculum through services that includes:

Display Area

Any technology hub will be incomplete if it doesn’t exhibit latest technologies. Keeping this thing in mind ITIC has a Display Area where a large variety of companies demonstrate their products and services as well as the projects done by the students.

The Display Area can also be used as a museum for displaying the generations of IT including the Hardware, Software and mobile development. This section displays old peripheral devices, equipment and old mobile phone devices

Library & e-Library

As Books provide the fundamentals and helps learners understand concepts, our library contains a vast variety of books that are necessary to understand the basics of IT. Keeping in mind the ever changing world of IT, Magazines are the best source to provide information and knowledge; hence our Library has subscription to more than twenty IT magazines.

In 21st century e-library is one of the major sources that provide advance concepts and knowledge digitally. Our e-library has a collection of more than twenty thousand e-books and learning videos from world renowned publishers. These e-books and videos can be accessed by Archos tablets, which are handy for e-book reading.

Software Lab

The Software Lab, allows the PY KSU community to access many licensed software applications that will be available on many computers to explore and develop software for all major platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac and MobileOs. It will provide all major categories of Software like programming, database management systems, 3D designing, 3D modeling, audio and video productivity tools, office packages, web development and operating systems.

The Software Lab also provides all major mobile platforms with equipment for development of mobile applications.

Hardware & Networking Workshop

Hardware and Networking are the subjects that are almost impossible to explain theoretically. To learn these subjects practically in learning-by-doing style, this section will provide the basic components for Hardware and Networking. It will demonstrate the configuration, services and features of a large variety of hardware devices and how efficiently it can be used at its full. Primarily it focuses on explanation of Hardware and Networking equipment like processor, motherboard, ram, hard-disk, DVD- ROMs, SMPS, hubs, switches, modems, routers, cables and tools, Stand-alone Console devices, Wire-less devices, Laptops, AIO pc’s, Mac’s, Printers, Scanners, Projectors…etc.

This workshop can also be used for new innovations as these hardware devices can be combined with other devices and reprogrammed to serve a different task. Along with normal hardware it also consist hardware for hi-end pc’s that will be used to demonstrate extreme processing power, high-end graphics, superior sound, etc.

Virtual Reality Arena

It is almost impossible to demonstrate all aspects of IT in ITIC. To resolve this issue ITIC has a Virtual Reality Arena, which will be used to demonstrate technology oriented videos on 3D screen. Its advance audio and video processing equipment will deliver High Definition 3D content with superior sound quality. The auditorium hall is sound proof and has the seating arrangement for 24 audiences.

This section can also be used for conducting classes and seminars. Along with regular videos, recorded 3D videos of expert faculty members, explaining about their specialized technologies will be made available for the students.

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