eLearning through MKCL’s ERA framework

ERA “eLearning Revolution for All” is the framework developed with a view to offer high quality education uniformly across the Authorized Learning Centers. The framework has been developed to offer high quality, self-paced, personalized Learning experience to all Learners.

Under the MICIT course MKCL offers excellent study material in the form of highly illustrated book supplemented by interactive multimedia with rich voice over in English and/or Arabic containing both inform and perform types of content. A state of the art delivery mechanism through MKCL’s ERA includes Learning and Content Management System support to Learners in a personalized manner, Learning facilitator’s resource material, academic support to Learning facilitators, day wise monitoring of curriculum schedule, hands on assignment planning and question banks leading to intermediate formative skill tests, mid course examination followed by final online summative examination. We focus on online content and Learning by doing approach rather than providing books for Skills. Highly illustrative content for all skills is available in ERA for Learners.

Facilities Provided in ERA

Compliance to International eLearning Standards: SCORM

ERA has been designed to comply with SCORM standards. Special features such as Import Package can be used to import SCOs of other educational institutions or open courseware which can be made available to the Learners. Using Export Package utility, SCORM compliant Learning unit can be made available for use on different LMS platform.

Learner Services:

Every student has a file of the performance indicators. The trainer updates this file regularly, and it is available in two versions paper and electronic. ERA Contains the dashboard for each Learner and it also gives details regarding the Learning Progression. Take a Challenge dashboard is also made available to each Learner in personalized way.

System Administration Services:

The analysis of the examination is made available in the examination software for Administration manager for online examination. Various types of reports are made available which can be exported as an excel file or also in pdf format.

Reports Available in System Login

List of some of the Reports:

  • Learner Login Report
  • Search Learner Report
  • Exam Attendance Summary Report
  • Section wise Exam Statistics
  • Exam wise mark details
  • Learner wise Result of all Exams
  • Topic wise Question Type Report
  • Complete Result Report
  • Candidate wise complete Result Report
  • Assignment Mark Details

Screenshot of Login of Learning Facilitator (Trainer)

Distinguishing features for Learners:


  • Registration to access the course content
  • Language selection, availability of course catalog
  • Table of Contents with color coding to indicate completed, just visited and not-completed part of the course specific to individual learner
  • Voice over in selectable language
  • Search facilities based on keywords and narration text
  • Free navigation through the content
  • Personalized user interface and settings
  • Configurability of features to cater to various learning styles such as auditory learners, visual learners.

While learning:

  • Bookmarks
  • My Notes
  • Glossary
  • Calendar to set personal learning path to complete the course
  • Collaborative features viz Chat and Discussion Forum

Post learning:

  • For self assessment, learner can take Timed and Un-timed tests
  • Practice and Performance tests on different types of questions which include Multiple Choice Single correct, multiple choice multiple correct, Match the following, Fill in the blanks, Picture Identification, Jigsaw puzzle, Crosswords, Hotspots, Second Level Reasoning and Concept Map

Performance Monitor: With the help of graphical and numerical representation of complete Performance Monitor the learner can identify the weak areas for more practice.

Learning Life Cycle:
  • Learners are given an overview of the course and its connection to life and work.
  • Learners are then exposed to the specific tool(s) used in the course through the various real-life applications of the tool(s).
  • Learners are then acquainted with the careers and the hierarchy of roles they can perform at workplaces after attaining increasing levels of mastery over the tool(s).
  • Learners are then acquainted with the architecture of the tool or Tool Map so as to appreciate various parts of the tool, their functions and their inter-relations.
  • Learners are then exposed to simple application development methodology by using the tool at the beginner’s level
  • Learners then perform the differential skills related to the use of the tool to improve the given ready-made outputs.
  • Learners are then engaged in appreciation of real-life case studies developed by the experts.
  • Learners are then encouraged to proceed from appreciation to imitation of the experts.
  • After imitation experience, they are required to improve the expert’s outputs so that they proceed from mere imitation to emulation.

Finally, they develop the integral skills involving optimal methods and best practices to produce useful outputs right from scratch, publish them in their ePortfolio and thereby proceed from emulation to self-expression. From self-expression to self-confidence and from self-confidence to self-esteem!

We always support Learners by dashboard. We inform them through Mind map in eContent that where exactly he is standing in Learning process.

Students Life Cycle with ERA

This scenario presents some highlights of a Day in the life of a Learning Facilitator with ERA.

Learning Facilitator

The High Tech experience of Learning is delivered through various features of MKCL’s ERA available for Learner; however, the Learning Facilitator plays a key role to offer High Touch Learning Experience to the learners.

  • To facilitate the learner
  • To help and assist the learner
  • To evaluate learner’s performance
  • To collaborate with the learners

For this, he uses special features made available in MKCL’s ERA for Learning Facilitation.

Features for Learning Facilitator:


  • Activity calendar for Learners
  • Download content upgrades
  • Upload learning records

Evaluation and assessment

  • Download assessment material
  • Post assignments
  • Assignment evaluation
  • Personalized feedbacks
  • Upload results

Guidance and mentoring

  • Individual learning report
  • Individual assessment report

Learner Management

  • Learner login report
  • Password management


  • Announcements
  • Thought of the day
  • ePortfolio exhibition
  • Discussion forums
  • Academic chat room

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