Electronic Examination.

This type of evaluation is designed to test the Differential skills of the Learner.

Objectives as well as Practical questions are asked in the exam to evaluate the Learner on his theoretical as well as practical knowledge. In Practical Type questions, Learners are required to perform the required skill on actual application software or in a simulated environment.

Questions are rendered randomly to the Learners depending on the paper setting. Questions are grouped in the Question bank according to the difficulty level and related topic. Apart from questions, Answer options are also shuffled while presenting the questions to the Learners.

In Objective type evaluation, Objective Questions are asked to the Learners. Various types of Objective Questions used are:

Questions used are:

  • Multiple Choice Single Correct
  • Multiple Choice Multiple Correct
  • True / False
  • Match the Following
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Picture Identification

Practical Type questions are also a part of the assessment. Candidates are required to perform the required skill on actual application software or in a simulated environment.

Examination System Features :
  • Role based Architecture: Admin can create the various system user roles and can allocate features and functionalities to them.
  • Question Bank: Well defined Question Bank Architecture. Each question in the Question bank is associated with a Learning Unit and Difficulty Level. Questions in the Question Bank are Reusable for future exam events.
  • Maintaining the Security and Confidentiality of the exam and question bank: - Main tables in DB are encrypted. Supporting files related to Questions are also encrypted. Multi level authentication mechanism is followed to ensure only authenticated Learners are able to login to the system.
  • Support for non-English languages: Exam Software is Unicode compatible and hence supports languages other than English too.
  • Support for Practical questions based on MS-Office: Quasi Online Examination System supports practical based questions on actual MS-Office applications. Using actual application software has many advantages over simulated questions. One such advantage is that, the Learner has the freedom to use any keyboard shortcuts in Actual application software where as this is not supported in a simulated environment.
  • Learner Authentication: Complete Learner information along with Learner Photograph is displayed in the Exam system. The Exam supervisor can check the identity of the Learner and can then allow him to start the exam. Learner Photograph is displayed in the main exam window also.
  • Question Randomization: Using a highly efficient randomization algorithm, the questions are rendered randomly from the Question Bank. While generating the exam paper, all the criteria of selection set for Exam and Difficulty level considerations are taken care of.
  • Option Shuffling: In addition to Question Randomization, system also supports Option shuffling. Options will be displayed in a shuffled manner from Learner to Learner.
  • Crash and Recovery: System supports Crash and Recovery mechanism. If the exam terminates due to Power failure or Machine crash, all the exam attempt details are stored in the system till this stage. At a later stage, Learner can continue the exam from the point, where his exam got terminated. He can continue with the remaining exam questions and with remaining time. Exam supervisor has the privilege to either continue exam or Restart the complete exam from beginning.
  • Instant Result Calculation: Results are calculated instantly and displayed to the Learners at the end of test.
  • Learner Feedback: Learners have the provision to give their feedback about the examination software and examination center after the end of examination. This helps the Assessment organization for their improvement. This feature can be enabled or disabled depending on the administrator setting.
  • Reports: Many reports are available to various users depending on their role and facilities provided to the user.
  • Question Types Supported: Some of the question types used in the exam are: Multiple Choice Single correct, Multiple Choice Multiple Correct, True / False, Picture Identification.

Examination System Deployment

Examination software is deployed in a Quasi Online mode. Examination center computers are connected to the Local exam server through LAN. Hence, internet connectivity is not required while conducting exams. The local exam server present in each campus is connected to central ERA server for Learner data and other updates.

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